RealRyder Cycle Studio FAQ

What makes HEAT different from other indoor cycling/spin gyms?

HEAT is the first indoor cycling studio in North Carolina to make exclusive use of the revolutionary RealRyder™ bikes. They are the only stationary bikes in the world that allow riders to bank (lean) into a turn. As a result the workouts are more dynamic, intense and incorporate more muscle groups during use than a traditional indoor cycling bike.  Athletes that burn 600 calories on a typical spin bike will burn 900 calories in the same time frame on the RealRyder.

Who can take a class?

People of all fitness levels can take a HEAT class. Although our instructors will push you to give it your all, the intensity of the workout  depends on how much you push yourself. Please let your instructor know of any specific health or fitness issues you may have before the ride begins. As always if you have any existing medical conditions that concern you, check with physician before starting any new fitness activity.

How do I join HEAT?

You simply need to purchase a class or series, schedule your session, and show up.  Memberships are currently free.  It  takes just a few minutes to purchase a session online, or our staff at the studio can also help you sign up in the studio. Just arrive 10 minutes before a scheduled class. 

Can I come and try out the bike?

Yes. Send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can work out a time for you to check them out.

How do I purchase a series?

Choose the series you would like to purchase and click  on that series. Enter your credit card number and billing information. Your series  will be instantly added to your account. You can now sign up for classes.

How do I cancel a class?

You may cancel a class up until 5pm the day before the scheduled class time and reschedule.

How do I know how many classes I have my left on my series?

Log in. Click on my account and then click on My Classes.

How do I reserve a bike?

You must  own a series or purchase a single class. Click on Schedule. Click on your class you’d like to reserve. Each online booking must be made ahead of class in order to guarantee your spot.  We won't overbook, the system knows the number of bikes and participants, so no fighting for a bike or getting there 45 min. early to hold your spot.

What should I wear?

You can wear your regular gym gear but for maximum comfort a tight fitting bike short is great. You can wear your regular exercise pants if you wish and a limited number of gel seat covers are available at the studio to help keep your ride as comfortable as possible. Also try to wear a top made with a quick drying fabric.  Bike apparel is made specifically for this. You may wear your regular exercise shoes but we recommend you wear an SPD cleat bike shoe that clips directly into the pedal.  If you choose to wear an athletic shoe, flat bottom stiff soled shoes are best, like a skateboard shoe or a tennis shoe.  

Can I bring my own bike shoes?

Yes.  Please do.  All our bikes are compatible with SPD bike shoes.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do, both male and female showers.  Also cool sinks and nice tile work. ;)

Do you provide towels?

Yes we do!  A fresh HEAT sweat towel will be provided for your ride.  Should you need a shower towel we can provide that too.

Do you have a water fountain?

Yes we do! Two in fact.  They are side by side.  One for tall people.  The other for less tall people.

Can I play my own music?

All instructors have there own playlists geared to each workout to keep the blood pumping. But do feel free to suggest music to us and we’ll try work it in!

Why do road and mountain cyclists like the RealRyder™ bikes so much?

The RealRyder™ bike was designed by a serious cyclist who wanted to find a way to approximate the feeling of being on the road or trail. Typically, and especially during the colder months, cyclists will train indoor on a 'trainer' which is usually pretty boring but is the closest thing to being on a real bike. Now with RealRyder™,  cyclists can workout on a bike that feels much, much closer to the real thing and enjoy the benefits of the class experience (more fun, harder workouts).

Can I rent HEAT's space for private group classes, events or parties?

Probably so - let's talk. Enquire at the desk or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out about our HEAT Corporate Group Classes for clubs, sports teams and corporations.